I AM Enough!

by | Oct 31, 2017

I was fortunate enough to be one of eight experts who participated in a two-year process for creating the companion guidebook to Laurie McCammon’s excellent book Enough! How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the World with Just One Word.

This morning, the “I Am Enough” exercise “Greeting Your Beingness” on page 19 of the Enough! Companion Guidebook, turned out to be one that I have been meditating on for months as a result of listening to Mooji’s You Are Pure Awareness YouTube meditation. This spiritual teacher’s guided meditation has become the lullaby that I fall asleep to almost every night and that which I listen to first thing in the morning before I do my Yoga Nidra meditation.

“Greeting Your Beingness” reminds me of a lesson that I learned from John Heister (Chandrakant), a student of Yogi Amrit Desai’s for nearly 40 years. I received the lesson while I was a student in Integrative Amrit Yoga Teacher training and later in Integrative Amrit Yoga Nidra training. THE LESSON—Instead of leaning forward into whatever experience/predicament of chaos or drama that is happening in the moment, I close my eyes, take several deep breaths and lean back into the REAL TRUTH of what I AM.

I’ve not only been a late bloomer but also a slow bloomer. Having many layers to peel away has taken me 28 years of reading books, attending workshops, practicing, meditating and studying to engage in far less dysfunctional behavior and thinking. Although my unfoldment has been one-step forward and two-steps backward, I’m happy to say that today, as Yogi Amrit Desai taught me more than 25 years ago, “it is the practice that teaches”. Leaning back into an awareness of Beingness is getting closer to being my natural default. Watching YouTube videos of Rupert Spira, an author and teacher of nonduality who speaks regularly at Science and NonDuality conferences (SAND), has also helped.

My visual aid is a bit humorous. When I lean back, an image of an old Nestea Plunge commercial appears. While some chant themselves into this state of being, I plunge backwards. Until the full realization that “Beingness”, “Awareness”, “Consciousness”—or whatever names you want to give it—breaks through as the constant background, foreground and all that is, in which all experience occurs, I’ll be taking the I AM Plunge. Anyone interested in taking the plunge with me?



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